Better Communication

Better Communication

What Impacts Overall Satisfaction?

  1.   Better communication between the team of administrators and staff.
  2.   Encouraging the staff to feel empowered and able to make their own decisions.
  3.   Better communication between the community and residents regarding their concerns and actions the community is making to address those concerns.

Chartwell Retirement Communities1 significantly raised overall satisfaction in just one year’s time by implementing the three strategies above.

How Proovn Boosts Satisfaction

  • Proovn’s cloud based communication platform provides a secure environment to communicate easily and directly with family members. This communication helps decrease the guilt a family member may feel from placing their loved one in a care center.
  • Staff bios allow family members to have a more personal connection with the staff and a better understanding of who is taking care of their loved one(s).
  • Family members can communicate unique information about their loved one to staff so that a more personalized approach may be taken.
Better Communication

 Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction
Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

What Does It Take To Have An Engaged Employee?

Studies show that the best way to improve Resident and Family satisfaction scores is by having engaged and satisfied employees. The two top contributors to employee engagement are: first, the feeling of being a contributor; and second, being genuinely recognized. In today’s competitive market it is imperative that we are focusing on team member engagement to attract top talent and reduce turnover.

Proovn Provides Tools To Increase Employee Engagement

Proovn provides a natural way for employees to be recognized often, and help them directly contribute to improving satisfaction which will increase staff engagement and boost staff satisfaction levels. Proovn’s web based platform allows family members to engage with employees one-on-one and get to know them on a deeper level than ever before, allowing employees to be recognized for the care they are providing to the residents.

42% Amount Proovn has increased staff engagement.
85% Amount Proovn has increased staff recognition.
87% Average rating of employees by resident’s family members.
12% Average increase in overall satisfaction in the first year.

 Quality Reviews

Quality Reviews

Why Are Quality Social Media And Web Reviews Important?

29% of heavy social media users actually find supporting their favorite companies or brands somewhat to very important—so they need content that’s easy to find and easy to share on Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter.
39% of heavy social media users believe that finding out about products and services is an important reason for using a social network.
84% of people read peer reviews to determine the quality of a local business.
68% of consumers say that a positive review helps them trust a local business.

2016 Nielsen Social Media Report2

Proovn Makes It Simple To Manage Reviews

  • Increase positive reviews on your social media site through streamlined social media posts.
  • Link your communities social media page to your profile. This allows family members easy access to follow your page.
  • Capture positive comments to use in your social media and marketing campaigns.
Quality Reviews

 Valuable Referrals

Valuable Referrals
Valuable Referrals

How Loyal Are Your Customers?

“Evangelistic customer loyalty is clearly one of the most important drivers of growth. While it doesn’t guarantee growth, in general profitable growth can’t be achieved without it.” The way to measure evangelistic customer loyalty is by asking your customers how likely they are to recommend your company to a friend or colleague. “The only path to profitable growth may lie in a company’s ability to get its loyal customers to become—in effect—its marketing department.”3

Proovn Makes Referrals Easy

Proovn provides the platform for your team to become the marketing department. The frontline staff can easily and quickly build relationships of trust with the family members and communicate clearly the care that they are providing to the resident.

  • Allow satisfied customers to refer their family and friends to your organization easily.
  • Receive alerts when a referral is sent to you.
  • Increase your referral base by 11% through highly satisfied customers.
  • Ability to measure increases in your resident’s families willingness to recommend your community to their friends and families.

 Ratings Insight

Ratings Insight

What Is A 5 Star Rating Worth?

The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) identified the four most important questions regarding customer satisfaction4:

  1.   Recommendation Rating.
  2.   Staff Rating.
  3.   Care Rating.
  4.   Discharge Needs Met (Short term care).

As the national discussion of posting satisfaction ratings for the public to see increases, so does the need for Long Term Care Communities to ensure that they are improving their scores. CoreQ is one way to measure satisfaction globally.

Proovn Is Good For Your Business

Proovn provides a platform to ask customized questions to your residents' families to capture important insight and ratings. The ability to measure improvement will help you identify what is working and areas that can be improved.

  • Quality improvement is adding to the bottom line with Proovn solutions.
  • Reduce litigation issues.
  • Decrease patient defections.
  • Decrease negative word-of mouth advertising.
  • Increase patient referrals.
  • Increase employee retention.
Ratings Insight

 Reports & Alerts

Reports and Alerts
Reports and Alerts

How Does Your Company Culture Impact Customer Satisfaction?

Frontline staff involvement in satisfaction is paramount to improving satisfaction scores. Easy to read reports in real time are the best way to help your staff do their job efficiently and be involved directly in satisfaction improvement for your community. Frontline staff having access to reports on a daily basis allows for transparency and a feeling of ownership, both of which help build trusting relationships between the leadership team and team members. A trusting culture has been shown to improve morale and employee satisfaction.

Proovn's Real Time Reports Improve Company Culture and Transparency.

  • Send and receive alerts securely and in Real-Time.
  • Alerts include social media reviews, customer rating reviews, family messages, charting needs, Employee recognition, service requests.
  • Easily build a company culture of trust, ownership, and recognition.
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